An authentic task is when a student performs an assignment in a realistic context (Chapman & Gregory, 2007).

Verbal / Linguistic
Plan a trip
Conduct a panel
Create a talk show
Teach a lesson
Complete a portfolio
Conduct a survey
Write an editorial

Visual / Spatial
Make a mural
Create a brochure
Create a costume
Design a powerpoint
Draw an illustration

Bodily / Kinesthetic
Conduct a demonstration
Develop a role-play
Create a puppet play
Demonstrate an experiment

Musical / Rhythmic
Choreograph a dance
Write lyrics to a song
Create a poem
Write a rap
Create a cheer
Create a CD with them songs

Logical / Mathematical
Create a Flow chart
Create a time line
Show step-by-step process
Sequence of events
Write a “how –to” manual



Chapman, C. & Gregory, G.H. (2007). Differentiated instructional strategies: One size doesn’t fit all, second edition. Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Press.