The process of differentiated instructions involves how the students learn the material (Tomlinson, 2001) and (Gregory, 2005).

Learning Logs

The teacher provides a few different journal prompts or questions based on student need and readiness on the concepts.

Graphic Organizers

Creative Problem Solving

The students are given a six sided cube with instructions written on each of the six sides. The students roll the die to determine the instructions they are to follow. Teachers may opt to use two or three different cubes based on students’ ability levels. For example, one cube could have more complex instructions and demands than the other.

Blank Cube Template

Sample Cube

Sample Cube

Think Cube

Cubing...Levels of Thinking
  1. Tell, Describe, Recall, Name, Locate, List
  2. Compare, Contrast, Example, Explain, Define, Write
  3. Connect, Make, Design, Produce, Develop
  4. Review, Discuss, Prepare, Diagram, Cartoon
  5. Propose, Suggest, Finish, Prescribe, Devise
  6. Debate, Formulate, Choose, Support, In your opinion...

Learning Centers
  • Choice Centers - The students may be given a select choice from which to further explore.
  • Math Rotation Centers
  • Thematic Centers

Literature Circles

Role Playing

Cooperative Controversy
The students argue both sides of an issue.

Choice Boards
Students are able to pick three learning activities in a row, the four corners, or creating their own in the center.

Choice Board sample for multiple intelligences

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The students list pluses, minuses, and interesting points about a topic under consideration.

Model Making


Tiered Assignments

Parallel Tasks



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